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Rover BILLEE is a project that aims to design and build the next moon rover in space exploration. The roving vehicle is a six wheeled rover that is battery powered for an extent amount of time to complete multiple missions while traversing a wide range of obstacles. Some missions will include picking up and pulling on rope, delivering certain objects that are up to 5 kg in mass to its directed location, able to autonomously traverse to its location using image recognition to single posts, and much more. The goal is to assist future missions that is autonomous towards assisting life beyond Earth.

We are a diverse team of students with distinct backgrounds working together to build and redesign a functioning robotic vehicle. Backgrounds in the science department to the engineering department, depending on the needs of the team and the goal. We aim to make this project open and diverse for all students to apply.

BILLEE Logo.png

Meet the Team


Aileen Paises

Project Manager


Olamilekan Adeolu

Mechanical Lead


David Cuentas

Mechanical Lead


Jay Patel

Hardware/Software Lead


Jason Moya

Hardware/Software Lead


Joshua Urbano

Science Lead

The Stars_edited_edited.jpg

The Beginning


The concept put into 3-dimensional view

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