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Our dynamic team brings together a diverse group of students, each contributing their unique expertise from various backgrounds in science and engineering. Together, we are embarking on an exciting project to design and build a cutting-edge robotic vehicle. Leveraging our individual strengths, we've carefully assigned roles and responsibilities to ensure a seamless integration of skills, fostering collaboration and innovation. Our team meetings serve as a cornerstone for open communication, providing a platform for us to discuss progress, tackle challenges, and collectively shape the project's trajectory. In these sessions, every team member has the opportunity to share insights and ideas, creating a collaborative environment that values each individual's contribution


Rover BILLEE is a project that aims to design and build the next moon rover in space exploration. The roving vehicle is a six wheeled rover that is battery powered for an extent amount of time to complete multiple missions while traversing a wide range of obstacles. Some missions will include picking up and pulling on rope, delivering certain objects that are up to 5 kg in mass to its directed location, able to autonomously traverse to its location using image recognition to single posts, and much more. The goal is to assist future missions that is autonomous towards assisting life beyond Earth.



Billie, the rover at Bronco Space, stands as a shining example of the relentless pursuit of innovation in space exploration. With each successive iteration, Billie embraces cutting-edge technologies, evolving to navigate the challenges of distant planets and the mysteries of the cosmos. From rugged terrains to uncharted territories, Billie's advancements in robotics, sensor technologies, and autonomous exploration epitomize the forefront of space exploration.  Bronco Space's commitment to efficiency and pioneering exploration ensures that Billie's journey continues to captivate our imaginations and inspire the next era of space exploration enthusiasts.

**2021 Revision of BILLEE

The Project Leads


Jovani Zepeda
Hardware Lead


Adrian Poitras

Mechanical Lead


Romar Rivera
Science Lead


Luc Saikali

Software Lead



Bao Le

Project Manager


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